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Reporters Use Newswire Services for These 8 Important Reasons

Today, there are still debates, whether or not using PR distribution services are beneficial for individuals and companies. When you write a press release, it’s important that you get it to the hands of many people as possible.

This is where newswire services can be useful for marketers. Getting the service sends your release to various websites and locations. At the same time, it becomes easier for the media and bloggers to look and find stories to write.


Check out these 8 important reasons why reporters find the services useful for them:

  1. It helps them get stories.

In a survey of 80 UK journalists made by Vitispr.com, they found that 78 percent use press site review distribution channels in getting news stories, 56 percent for articles and feature ideas and another 56 percent for tracking industry trends.

Freelance journalists don’t find the service beneficial because they can only benefit from exclusive stories. Their potential to earn an income depends entirely on covering exclusive news. However, they can use it as a resource when looking for background information.

  1. Fact checking is easier.

Most journalists using the service find it a convenient way to verify facts about a story or a company. Since they really don’t have enough time to research about a brand, they can just click the links in the story to verify information, rather than visiting individual websites, blogs and newsrooms.

Clicking the images, links, and other information, make the journalist’s work easier and faster. Some reporters find scouring through the distribution sites easy when searching for ideas for their feature articles. The service provides fast access and easy search function. So they spend less time in looking for information and verifying.

Using the site is very beneficial for journalists working on tight deadlines. It streamlines their job, while making sure that they always offer factual information in their story.

  1. It monitors industry trends.

From the same survey, they found that 60 percent of the journalists want to use the site to track industry trends. For instance, automotive and fashion are among the industries that keep on changing with the season.

This helps them carve the story they are writing. When they are aware of the industry trends, they can figure out which angle of the story to present to the readers.

  1. Help them get quotes.

Some journalists find it easier to reach out to newswire sites when looking for quotes they can use for the story. It can protect them from libel for using wrong information. They find it fast and easy to just check these channels to get quotes, which saves them a substantial amount of time.

  1. It provides a central place to visit.

Most journalists appreciate using distribution services because it provides them a place to visit. It serves as a central location for them to access without much trouble. Whether looking for ideas, information or just fact-checking, they find it a real time saver.

  1. It is efficient.

Publications and journalist find it easier to access distribution sites when looking for press releases per industry and geography, according to PRNewswire on-site https://howellsac.com. It saves them time to look from the pile of emails they receive everyday.

  1. Every news is authenticated.

Every newswire agency has their own way of running releases through a system that scan them to know its authenticity. They are very strict that companies need to meet certain standards when it comes to attribution. Journalists can be assured that the stories they read on these sites are trustworthy and reliable.

  1. They get quality content.

You should choose reliable distribution sites that have been known in the industry for many years. Reporters can be assured that they are getting high standard content that requires minimal modification from the copies.

Journalists and outlets use newswire sites for getting information than to search for stories to write. It is still best to target individual relevant journalist to pitch story ideas.


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