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What Are The Top 5 Writing Blog Topics That Can Make Money?

Who wouldn’t want to create a blog that makes a ton of money? No one would say no to this idea.

Blogs are an excellent platform to make income from. Some advocate that there is no point in starting a blog that has no potential of generating at least some revenue for you.

Some bloggers start out with no real focus and have no plans of monetizing it. However, they begin to realize the potential of blog niches that can make much money.

The wise decision for a blogger would be to focus on this from the start. You don’t need to waste your time on making blog posts that are not likely to generate income from traffic.

Choosing a profitable blog niche or category is one of the most significant steps toward earning from your blog.

Many niches have been proven to produce 5 to 6 figure incomes for bloggers so why not  join the bandwagon?

If you want to earn income from your blog, you should treat it like a real business and not just like a hobby. This doesn’t mean that it won’t be fun anymore, you are only focusing on blogging activities that are likely to make money.

The good news is there are many niches for blogging that can make money for you.

You have to choose markets that are booming. Focusing your blog on an industry that is thriving will give you a better chance for success. There is an existing audience that is hungry for new information that you can tap and attract.

Here are top 5 writing blog topics that you can start to earn income:

Travel Blogs

Travel is a vast and profitable industry.

In 2016, people paid $564.87 billion for online travel expenses.

This figure is expected to grow to $755.94 billion in 2019!

The potential is enormous for this niche, from travel tours, hotel bookings to clothing you have different categories that you can choose from.

The numbers don’t lie which is why travel blogging is one of the top blog niches that you should consider.

Blog ideas for Travel

  • An Asian travel blog
  • A personal travel blog
  • A food adventure blog
  • An adventure travel blog
  • Camping travel blog

Find a niche that you love where you can stand out. You can make money from your travel blog by writing hotel reviews and make money from affiliate commissions from or Skyscanner.

You can write an ebook about a travel guide for a specific destination and sell it to your market.

Affiliate income can also be generated from travel gear that you use on your trips.

Health Blogs

Another massive industry is the health and wellness niche.

There are many choices as well in this niche like supplements, healthcare, fitness, diet, and general wellbeing.

There are thousands of brands that are competing in this market which gives you huge affiliate marketing opportunities as a blogger.

You can make money by recommending gym gear and make affiliate income from Amazon links.

Making a healthy recipe cookbook and selling it is another income opportunity.

An online workout plan can be offered as a video and sold to your audience.

A review of health supplements is also a good potential for you to earn from affiliate income.


The internet has been a game changer in the way we do marketing. Learning from the comfort of your own home is now an option which saves you time and money compared to when you need to attend a class physically.

It is projected that the E-Learning industry will shoot up to $325 billion by 2025.

This niche has made learning and knowledge more accessible to everyone.

It does not matter if you live far or in less developed parts of the world. As long as you have access to the internet, you can learn from online courses being offered.

Helping people learn a new skill online can make a huge profit for you.

You can earn money from e-learning by offering courses and get paid. You can also choose to recommend courses and earn from affiliate programs.

Coaching is also a lucrative niche where you can offer your time and expertise and get paid well.

Fashion Blogs

The fashion industry made $1.66 billion from online shopping worldwide.

Online shopping is fun, easy, stress-free and can be addictive.

Such a huge industry is a perfect choice for bloggers to capitalize on.

Start your fashion blog and make money by offering tutorials that have affiliate links.

Review clothing and shoes that include Amazon links for commissions.

Tech And Gaming

One of the fastest growing industries is tech and gaming. Customers are spending in huge amounts on the latest tech and gaming software and hardware.

A wide variety of niches can be explored like gadget reviews, game reviews, repairs and tutorials, app reviews and so much more.

Affiliate marketing is also how you earn from this niche. You can write a review on the latest apps, gadgets or games and get paid through your affiliate links.

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