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The Story of SPI Pro: How We Built Our Membership Community

We launched SPI Pro in July, but our team had been dreaming about it for over a year. Recently, I talked with SPI’s co-CEOs, Matt and Pat, about the story of SPI Pro, and why and how we started this membership community. If you’re thinking of starting your own membership community, hopefully this will give you inspiration and a way forward.

Step 1: Recognize the Problem

At the end of 2018, Matt and Pat were concerned. 

It was right before they merge their two companies (Matt and his team at Winning Edits, a creative agency, merged with Smart Passive Income ), and as they discussed the future of the company, they recognized a problem.

Online course sales had been the main revenue for SPI for a few years by then.

“We were having conversations about the future of online courses,” says Matt.

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