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Team SPI’s Gift Guide & Lessons Learned for 2021

What a year. It’s been amazing to see what the SPI community has accomplished in 2021. We’re grateful to have been able to serve our audience and help thousands of business owners make a greater impact for the people they serve.

We’ve had some internal highlights, too. Our SPI Pro community grew in leaps and bounds. We launched a new course (Heroic Online Courses) and several bootcamps, plus a couple new podcasts (Flops and The Community Experience). We even got to meet up in person for a week of work and fun!

As we round out 2021, several of us decided to reflect on the biggest lessons we’ve learned this year—about work, and about ourselves and the things that matter to us.

And in case you’re one of those procrastinators, we thought we’d help you out with a few last-minute gift ideas. Let’s hit those first!

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