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SPI 315: How to Disrupt Yourself & Grow a Company with Whitney Johnson

Whitney Johnson is among the best 50 leading business thinkers in the world, based on Thinkers50. She’s an expert in innovation and personal disturbance, and she’s here now to help us understand how to grow our companies and understand especially when we’re starting something fresh. She is also giving us a seven-point framework for working through essential disruption and creating change in our own lives and businesses.

Whitney’s story is filled with varied adventures. She got a degree in music, and finished up in New York City. In New York she discovered Wall Street and found her solution to investment banking, turned into an award-winning equity research analyst, and then … she disrupted herself. She eventually became an entrepreneur and co-founded an investment company specializing in disruptive innovation. It was there that she had a huge “aha!” –the concept could be used to manage change.


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