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Podcasts-to-Films & Other Podcasting News and Recs

By Sara Jane Hess and David Grabowski

What’s up, podcasters? It’s SJ and David again with more podcasting news and updates! This is an excellent way to check out some shows we’ve been digging, as well as catch up on pertinent industry news. You can probably guess what the latter is going to be, especially if you clued into Apple’s latest podcast-related announcement. There’s a lot to dissect, but don’t worry, we’ve gotcha covered! 😁

And if you have no idea who we are, we are the SPI Podcasts Team: Sara Jane Hess (senior producer) and David Grabowski (producer). We are the two people at Team SPI dedicated full-time to producing Pat’s shows and, increasingly, some brand-new shows on the SPI Media network!

If you missed it, we launched our first show two months ago: Flops, a podcast about failure and how to overcome it. More on that below because, to be totally honest, we just couldn’t help ourselves.

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