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Hybrid Events: What They Are and How to Get Started

Should you host your next conference or meeting both in-person and online? Also known as a hybrid event or multi-access event, this approach is becoming more and more popular. In this article, I’ll discuss the pros and cons of hybrid events, and what to keep in mind when considering doing an event both online and in-person at the same time.

If you missed my first article on alternatives to Zoom video conferencing, hi! I’m Tony, and I’m the Community Program Manager at Team SPI. Since 2007, I’ve been hosting gatherings in person and online, from running a coworking space to weekly mastermind groups to multi-hundred-person conferences over Zoom and other platforms. I’m always looking for the best possible tools to help people connect in meaningful ways.

I’m super focused on creating experiences that are accessible, inclusive, and meaningful.

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