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How This Woman In Her 30s Owns 7 Rental Homes

Are you interested in learning how to start investing in rental property for beginners? Today’s interview is with Paula Pant, who in her 30s already owns seven rental homes.

You may remember Paula from when I first interviewed her a couple of years ago in How This 34 Year Old Owns 7 Rental Homes.

Today, I’ve asked her to come back and answer some more of your questions, as well as give us an update on property investing in the current environment.

Paula and her work have been featured on Oprah, MONEY, CNBC, Forbes, The Washington Post, MarketWatch, USA Today, Bloomberg Business, U.S. News, Fortune, Business Insider, Nerdwallet, The New York Times, and countless others.

Paula has been investing in real estate for over a decade. She’s been an out-of-state investor for five years.

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