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How I Made $100,000 Selling Used Items

Today, I have a great guest post from Stacy Gallego on how she makes extra money. Stacy is a long time reader of Making Sense of Cents who has built an amazing flipping side hustle. Enjoy her story!

If you would have told me in 2000 that I would finish nursing school, get married to a great guy, raise 6 kids, and make $100,000 in sales flipping used items, I would have told you you were crazy! 

In 2000, my direction and my life were totally upside down and backwards.

The truth was, I was a 28 year old, newly divorced, uneducated, single mom with twin boys under the age of two. 

Not only that, I was a complete alcoholic, unable to hold a job, and flat broke.

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