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4 Failure Lessons from the First 4 Episodes of Flops

Failure is rarely fun. But it can still teach us things! Here are four lessons we’ve learned about entrepreneurial failure from the incredible stories in the first four episodes of SPI Media’s newest podcast, Flops.

This post contains minor spoilers, so if you want to avoid them, just hit play on one of the track players below, or go find Flops on Apple Podcasts or wherever you like to listen.

All right, on to the lessons from failure!

Lesson 1: If It Seems Too Good to Be True…

(from Episode 1: “The Pyramid Scheme” with John Vuong)

In the inaugural episode of Flops, SEO expert John Vuong joins me to discuss a big mistake he made in his twenties, when his ambitious, risk-taking personality led him down a path to ruin.

John got caught up in a pyramid scheme that lost him $100,000.

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