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SPI 327: How to Write Copy that Sells with Ray Edwards

CONTENT WARNING: You’re going to want to have a pen and paper handy for this one. Today we’re talking with Ray Edwards, a fan favorite from Episode 182 and Episode 300 and a member of my mastermind group. Today he’s going to teach us how to write copy that sells—written words that encourage readers to take action and result in profitable sales. Stick around!

Knowing how to write solid marketing copy for your business isn’t nearly as simple as it might seem. In fact, it’s really one of the most important parts of running an online business, particularly when it comes to selling. So how can you do it well? How do you write engaging, strong, and convincing sales copy?

Ray is here today to give us techniques, hints, and blueprints for doing exactly that! Like I said at the top, you’re going to want to take notes.

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