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How We Paid Off Our $223,000 House By The Time We Were 30 (Yes, We Have Kids!)

Hello! Today, I have a great guest post on an amazing debt payoff story. If you are interested in learning how to pay off your mortgage early, this is something you should definitely read! Enjoy.

I get asked all the time, “how in the world did you pay off your house at your age?”  Normally I give some wise anchor answer like I won the lottery, or my rich uncle died but those just aren’t true.  The truth is, I’m a pretty normal guy but I had a big, not so normal goal.

Hi, I’m Tyler, my wife Ashlee and I paid off our $223,000 mortgage off by the time we were 30.  Now, we live a life full of freedom, adventure, and 4 kids. To find out more, check us out at Paid Off House.

So here is how we did it.

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