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How To Earn Extra Money Playing Games On Your Phone

The following is a sponsored post.

Did you know there’s an app out there that uses games and rewards to help you reach your financial goals?

Long Game is a personal finance app that lets you play games and win cash, without ever risking losing any money. And, it is FREE.

Long Game was even Startup Of The Week on Forbes! They’ve also been featured on The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Fast Company, and Today.

The main objective of Long Game is to help people become financially independent. Spending money is easy and “fun” to do for the majority of us, but their app makes it just as fun to save money, too.

The app uses a concept called “Prize-Linked Savings” which is already used by millions of people to save money outside the United States. Savers get motivated to maintain and even grow their savings. Long Game is the first app in the U.S. of this kind and is even federally authorized.

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