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How I Made $90,189 Tutoring In One Year Part-Time

Do you want to learn how to become a tutor? Here is how Making Sense of Cents reader Trevor Klee earned $90,000 in one year working part-time with his tutoring business! If you have a laptop, an Internet connection, and enjoy taking standardized tests, you can make 6 figures part-time. He shares his expertise on how to start a tutoring business below.

Unlike a lot of people, I graduated college with a job. Unfortunately, that job immediately fell through. So, like a lot of people, I graduated college and was pretty quickly back in my parents’ house. I very quickly got tired of my mom’s dirty looks, and started applying for new jobs.

Then I got one: a tutoring job in Singapore. The tutoring part was not so new to me: I had always been good at taking tests, and I worked part-time as a tutor in college. But the Singapore part was, admittedly, quite new.

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