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How (And Why) We Paid Off $34,000 Of Debt In Our First Six Months Of Marriage

Hello! Today, I have a great debt payoff story from Zach Buchenau. He is a reader of Making Sense of Cents and shares how he and his wife paid off $34,000 in debt in the first six months of their marriage.

A little less than two years ago, my wife Katie and I were enjoying a warm, relaxing honeymoon in Arizona. Like most couples, we spent that time decompressing from all the hectic wedding festivities, enjoying each other’s company, and planning our debt payoff strategy.

Wait, what?

Ok, I understand that paying off debt might not be the most romantic topic of conversation for newlyweds.

But here’s the thing, the moment we got married, our individual debts combined to equal a whopping $34,000.

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