Answers to 7 Common Questions About Family Emergency Binders

In our household, I manage most of the bills, financial accounts, and more. I know I’m not alone either – in most families, one person usually handles all of these things.

I’ve been in charge of our important information for years, mainly because it’s just something I know I can do and we’ve fallen into a routine now after doing this for so long.

We have since realized that this could turn into a financial disaster. I manage everything just from my memory, so nothing is actually written down and most of our bills are either auto-pay or paperless, so there is no paper record in our home of anything either.

This could be a disaster because if something were to happen to me, I honestly do not know what Wes (my husband) would do. It would make everything much more difficult for him when he would already be having a hard time, and that is not something anyone wants to deal with. Having some sort of financial emergency plan is something we need to create.

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